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Posted on 05/05/2018

MORTAGE (Thrash / death metal) celebrating 20 years of his career playing songs of several phases including unpublished! QUEIRON (Brutal death ...

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Posted on 05/05/2018

Always very good to play in our city! The war isn't over!!!

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Posted on 05/05/2018

First work of the Utida Kingdom of Brasilia.

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Band formed in 1998, with the name of Morticínio, in Campinas / SP by Daniel Beraldo (Drums). In the same year, he released Demo GOING TO THE OTHER SIDE, which was well received by both the critics and the banger public of the interior of São Paulo. In the period he participated in several events in the State of São Paulo playing with interior icons such as Zoltar, Queiron, Sun & Steel among others.

After some changes of formation and trying to characterize its sound, in 2001 the band signs the formation with Daniel Beraldo (D), Raphael Lombriga (B / V), Adriano (G) and Hélio Brandão (G).

Always in the attempt to create its own style from 2001 to 2004 the compositions were flowing. With themes such as war, the existential anxieties of humanity and criticism of fanaticism the band was shaping their personality.

In 2005 André Boonen joins the band to replace Hélio Brandão and then 2006 the first full lenght TRENCH FOR EVOLUTION is released by Kill Again Records, an important underground label that had already revealed Violator.

The band continued to follow their creative process and in 2009 Hélio Brandão returns on the double bass and in early 2011 is released by the same label the second full lenght entitled THE WAR IS NOT OVER.

Then with the departure of Raphael Lombriga, Fabio Lupus from Tempestilence joins the band on vocals. With this training in 2015 Mortage launches along with another icon from the interior of São Paulo, Vulture from itapetininga split vinyl, BLOODBATH IN PROMISED LAND, released by the labels Arsenal Records, Sacrametal Records and Since 72 Records.

Mortage in the years has shaped his style of sound that revolves around Thrash / Death / Black Metal, with a lot of personality, without being copy of any other band of the genre. The band also participated in compilations by Brazil and abroad, performed in several important events in the State of São Paulo and Brasília, as opening shows for national and international metal bands.




Violent Hatred (Promo Video)

(THE WAR IS NOT OVER) Release March 2011